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by Yulit Price on February 28, 2011

Last month I accompanied my friend, Kimberley Rothenberg, a fitness and personal trainer, on a special mission. She was giving a talk about her career choices as part of a career series for girls at the Calgary Girls School.

This series is designed to empower girls by giving them something very special: real career stories and messages from working moms. I thought this was special, because our stories often remain hidden, and our messages are difficult to pass down. Moreover, most girls and women have limited role models, and mentorship is still hard to come by. At 2011, we still don’t have all the answers for life-work balance and for raising our children vs. raising our careers. After all, the demands of ‘role performance’ are simultaneously increasing both in the working world and in the parenting world. Success is not only hard to achieve, it is harder to define.

And yet, we are being called, now more than ever, to:

  • Pursue our passions
  • Live our dreams
  • Give what we are meant to give
  • Live our best self
  • Find our purpose
  • Serve the world

We are called to envision, to lead, to act, to make a difference.

In order to do that, women nowadays need to define success on their own terms, and to re-invent themselves across the life span.
Doing this in the ever-shifting paradigms of work and family may not be easy. But it doesn’t mean we should stop trying.

This process of path-finding, through re-defining and re-designing is the art of composing our lives.

For a deeper understanding of the complexity involved in women’s decision-making and career-making, listen to Sheryl Sandberg via In this video, she explains why we may not have all the answers, and what key messages we need to share with ourselves and our daughters.

What career messages do you tell yourself?

What career messages do you tell your daughter?

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