Those who come to see me know, deep inside of them, that they are wise, intuitive and insightful; they have just found themselves in a place where they feel a little unclear, unhappy or disconnected from their true self. (We all get disconnected from our natural powers at times…). Our work is about getting you back to clarity; to your voice, your path and your vision.

If you feel you want to work with me here are the options:

One-on-one, face-to-face:

We will work together to discover what your mind or body have been telling you, where you are at now, and what needs to change for you. We will work collaboratively in a confidential, cozy, atmosphere. We can see each other weekly or bi-weekly, it is your choice to make. We can adjust the meetings as we go.

1 hour: $190

1.5 hour: $280

One-on-one, on the phone:

I offer coaching services in the areas of: communications, goal setting, and career. We will work on the phone in bi-weekly consultations. This also works for those who have done personal work and need support along the way to stay clear and committed to their goals. These consultations are collaborative and are not therapeutic in nature.

1 hour: $190

1.5 hour: $280

Couples Session:

If you feel that you are the one doing all the relationship work in your family, and know that it’s time to re-align your relationship with the ‘new’ you, bring your partner for joint sessions.

We will begin with assessment and work to build a stronger foundation for your relationship house.

Joint sessions are also available for everyday parenting strategies, or for co-parenting solutions following separation/divorce.

The price: $190

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