My Wish For You

by Yulit Price on January 25, 2012

Many new years start with new wishes.

My wish for you is that you will begin to:

  • Find the word that feels most powerful for you. Let it become your guide.
  • Give yourself permission. To do X. To create Y.
  • Validate yourself more often. (Even if you feel it needs to come from someone else.)
  • Embrace newness this year and tend the fearful child inside.
  • Know your “no”. Decide on your “yeses”.
  • Study your triggers. Watch for guideposts, for cues, for signs.
  • Create more white space in your life. To reflect. To be. To write.
  • Invite your inner playful child.
  • Experiment with your ideas.
  • Let your strengths shine.

*To start your new year with clarity, I have created two PDFs for you:
Click Here to Download Embracing 2012
Click Here to Download Wordplay


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