Mother’s Day Pondering

by Yulit Price on May 10, 2011

If you are like any of the mothers I talk to, Mother’s day makes you think… about your mother (and her mothering), and your own self as a ‘mom’ (and your own mothering).

Here are a set of questions to guide you in your pondering and processing: 


Your Mom (and her mothering)

(Also applies to Step Mom/Foster Mom/Surrogate Mom/Grandmother):

  • What makes her different?

o   Not all moms are the same. Every one mothers in her own ‘signature’ way. What makes your mom unique?

  • What did she sacrifice?

o   Motherhood comes with sacrifices. Some are visible, some are invisible. What do you think your mom had to sacrifice?

  • What traditions did she hand to you?

o   From holidays to favorite meals to celebration rituals…What do you find yourself doing with your own family that was inspired by your mom?

  • What are the qualities you admire in her?

o   Think of her special characteristics: giving, rescuing, managing, leading, nurturing, caring, listening, being. Which of the qualities have been ‘transferred’ to you?

  • What values did she instill?

o   What did she stand for? Forgiveness, compassion, courage, honesty, family, education…

  • What messages/sayings did she repeat?

o   We can all hear our moms through their sayings. What expressions are imprinted on you?

  • What have you learned from her about being a mom?

o   What lessons make the foundation for your own motherhood? What lessons did you leave behind?

Your own self as a Mom:

  • What things did you learn about your mom by being one?

o   Becoming a mother can open your eyes to appreciate a lot of what your mother did and endured. What have you realized about her from your own mothering journey?

  • What are you learning from your children?

o   Every child is here to teach us different life lessons. Have you changed your perspective or beliefs about something as a result of having children? What ‘lessons’ do you keep coming against?

  • What things have you learned about yourself by being a mom?

o   Motherhood is a life-long journey. It is filled with many responsibilities, rewards and challenges. Your growth and development is entwined with growing your children. What self-discoveries have you made? In what ways are you growing?

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