Milk, Butter, Eggs

by Yulit Price on November 28, 2012

I struggle with writing. Sure, sometimes it flows from me with an unexpected fluidity, especially when I don’t have time to ‘capture’ it and write it down. But the truth is, years of academic writing have left their mark on me. Writing by the ‘rules’ is a lot different than letting your in-the-moment-writing rule.

Someone once said to me: “This academic stuff sticks to your body like seaweed.” I laugh as I still recognize the truth in it.

It has taken me years to unlearn, as I am still disentangling my voice from layers and layers of seaweed. Every time I write, I remove another layer; Every time I journal, I get closer to the skin of my voice.

And yet, I know, how powerful writing for yourself is as a tool for self-realization and insight. It helps deepening the well: the connection between you and your infinite wisdom; the clarity between you and your inner voice.

I came across this quote that made me pause:

“Writing is the way I ground myself, and it’s what keeps me sane. Writing is the way I try to make sense of my life… Sometimes just holding a pen in my hand and writing milk butter eggs sugar calms me. Truth is what I’m ultimately after, truth or clarity. I think that’s what we’re all after… And I write… because you can’t get away with anything when it’s just you and the page. No half-truths, no cosmetics. What would be the point?”  ~Abigail-Thomas

But some of us stay away from the page precisely because of that: it may bring clarity… It may bring forth a piece of truth… So we turn away from the page.

I ask many of you to journal, to document your thoughts, to write your ‘outer voice’:

“I’m afraid I am not a good mom”

“I’m not ready yet for this career”

“I won’t be able to handle this… (job, juggling, pregnancy, crisis, difficult talk)”


Why am I asking you to write? 12 Good reasons:

1. You are filled with thoughts, stories, reflections.

2. Nobody has access to the thoughts in your head.

3. Your head is already too full… We recycle the same thoughts over & over again.

4. You already embody enough stress, confusion, or uncertainty. Writing is a container; it  holds all that weight outside your body.

5. Through writing, what needs to change for you becomes clearer.

6. Through writing, self-discovery unfurls.

7. Through writing, the self articulates what it really wants.

8. Through writing you begin to notice same patterns/voices/stories that shackle you.

9. Through writing you begin to ‘re-write’ your life story.

10. The page will always listen in silence. The judgment we hear? It’s all ours.

11. Writing is a form of meditation. Both call for slowing things just enough to observe what is.

12. Through writing, healing occurs.


I hope you are writing. Even if it is “milk, butter, eggs”…

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