Living with Your Story

by Yulit Price on December 7, 2010

Every once in a while I get a TED talk sent to me that is extraordinary and meaningful, that is deeply resonating and impactful, that touches on my journey and the journey of my clients, my friends, and my colleagues. This one was sent to me by Michele Woodward at Go ahead and watch it now. You will need 20 uninterrupted minutes. It will be well worth your time.

The talk by Dr. Brown has touched me on so many levels. I too was an academic for about eight years. I too collected stories for data (“data with soul”). I too found that both research and life are messy.

Now I am a therapist, seeing women who are learning to accept their own vulnerabilities, to live courageously with painful emotions, and to slowly release the masks that cover them.

Many people struggle with the idea of being “in therapy”, as if this makes us even more flawed than we already are. If you watch the video, you learn that we are all flawed. And that therapy can help you “lean into the discomfort” and find the strength to own your vulnerable story. After all, we are here to connect, or as Dr. Brown said: “connection is why we’re here”.

I loved how Dr. Brown openly gave ‘permission’ to engage in therapy. To own our vulnerability and our flaws. To stop numbing our feelings and start owning our stories. And to have the courage to live as Wholehearted beings.

Reconnect. Be yourself. Live wholeheartedly!


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