Juggling Woman

by Yulit Price on November 18, 2014

We are all familiar with the juggling woman. She has become a part of our everyday life:

She is the one driving her kauto-repair-elements-21154262ids to daycare just on time to get to her office,

She is the one feeding her kids after school before going to her own evening classes,

She is the one running her business, volunteering and serving on that board of directors,

She is the one cooking, overseeing the kids’ homework, and catching up on emails,

She is all of us, and everyone of us.


Many of us women long to go back to the “cave” days. Cave woman had a simple life:

She was surrounded by her tribe,

She was offered extended support,

She was taught multi-generational wisdom.


It has been long since we made the cultural departure from the cave.

And yet, all this evolution has come to us with a cost:

“There is a crisis facing women’s health, and it affects everyone around us” were the opening words spoken by Dr. Libby Weaver in her Tedx talk at Queenstown.

The crisis?

Living in a frantic pace,

Trying to be all things to all people,

Believing that we aren’t enough,

Living life out of touch,

Having no bandwidth left.

All of this is leading to what she calls “rushing woman syndrome”.

According to Dr. weaver, today’s juggling woman is:

Oscillating between fight or flight in response to modern stressors,

Trying to please everyone around her,

Fueled by anxiety as she is constantly seeking approval and fearing rejection,

Clouded by false beliefs, and the story of her deep inadequacy

“Warming up with Caffeine, cooling down with alcohol”

In this illuminating Tedxtalk, Dr. Libby weaver juxtaposes the two archetypal women: cave-woman and her modern counterpart – juggling woman.

“So I want you to begin to explore, how you eat, drink, move, think, believe, and perceive. The minute you change your perception, you rewire your entire chemistry. It is time to get back in touch with your breath, it is time to remember the absolute miracle that you are, and get in touch with the magnificence of your existence.

Please remember that life is precious, and that you are precious, and to treat yourself accordingly”.


Mothering wellness circle:

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