Are You Omitting Yourself?

by Yulit Price on November 11, 2010

In my last art class, one of the women was about to begin a new project. She had a photo she brought for inspiration. It was a photo of her standing amidst green and lush landscape. She faced the blank canvas and announced out loud: “I’m going to paint everything and leave myself out”.

The therapist in me just couldn’t keep her mouth shut. “Did you hear what you just said?” I asked.

She looked at me, and for that brief moment our minds connected to what she already knew inside. ‘Leaving myself out’ was a theme that ruled her marriage and mothering life. I knew it was a metaphor she recently committed to undo in her life.

When I pointed the metaphor out loud, her inner light turned on. She smiled and began sketching herself onto the canvas.

It was a powerful reminder for me to ask yourself:

Are you showing up in the canvas of your life? Or are you paying attention to all the details around you, and ‘leaving yourself out’?

Are you unconsciously ‘taking yourself out’? Does this play out in patterns, relationships, or themes in your life?

And if that’s the case, in what ways can you start sketching yourself back onto the canvas of your life?

Here are ways to get you back “in”:

  • Take an art class – it is amazing what you learn about yourself through your artistic process.
  • Meditate – alone or in a group. Make it a ritual. It will open self-awareness.
  • Go on a retreat – disconnect from reality, and take time to reflect on your life.
  • Create a group – need support with your small business or mothering? Commit to on-going group meetings.
  • Dream outside the lines – what dream of yours is waiting for “one day”? Dare to act now.
  • Start writing – whether you are following “The Artist Way” (by Julia Cameron) or simply journaling, it will put you back in the center of your pages.
  • Fill-in a Life Plan – if you need a copy email me and I will send you one.

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Yulit Price is a registered psychotherapist in private practice. She is known for her empowering work with women and mothers. Through her collaborative one-on-one sessions, workshops, and retreats, her mission is to help women expand their version of self, tap into authentic voice, and enhance their relationships. Her areas of expertise include: Women’s Development, Motherhood, Maternal Transitions, Career Transitions, Relationships, Interpersonal Communications, Depression, Anxiety, and Loss. To learn more about me and my credentials Click Here

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ricki mano November 27, 2010 at 8:52 am

Dear Yulit.

I enjoyed reading your thoughts.
I like the way you add practical ways to help us see us……..
😮 – It’s funny how we are so close to us -> to listen to our voices; to feel ourselves, and yet we trained ourselves so well (for generations) to ignore or postpone our needs.
I think it’s great to turn the lights on the boxes we use to store ours needs.
It will take some of us a lot of time to take the next step and actually open them….
You can help…


Donna Nish February 4, 2011 at 2:48 pm

Hi Yulit….. yes I would appreciate a “life plan”….guess it is never too late to start planning the rest of my life!….. another good article!….dn


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