I’m Yulit Price, and I’m a mom, a wife, and a psychotherapist. My superpower is having conversations about the inner layers of life.

My (not so formal) story

It doesn’t seem like long ago… but almost 20 years ago I immigrated to Canada.

I spent the next few years getting acculturated – which meant getting settled and standing on my own two (Canadian) feet.

I was busy in business, and building a life, a home, a committed relationship, and birthing and raising our daughters.

And then I felt that something was missing. I needed to discover my calling, my passion; my purpose.

With two baby girls at home, I began my ‘back-to-school’ journey. I spent the last few years being a full- time mother and a full- time graduate student. It was not always easy. Somehow, my passion for listening and understanding life stories kept me motivated. I was also inspired by other women I met, who in midlife, returned to pursue education to ‘make something of themselves’; to gain economic independence or change career paths or change their life story all together.

It was then that I knew that I am here to empower women and mothers to lead their lives from the inside-out, and to re-write their life stories.

My other (formal) story

I am a registered registered psychologist, and a member of College of Alberta Psychologists, Psychologist Association of Alberta, and Canadian Counseling and Psychotherapy Association.

My academic background includes a B.A in Psychology and a Master’s in Counseling Psychology. I have worked in diverse therapeutic domains such as: Depression, anxiety, loss, relationship struggles, career transitions, maternal transitions, eating disorders, and self-esteem.

In my private practice, I focus on mothers’ voices, their everyday struggles and needs, and their life aspirations. I successfully integrate holistic psychotherapy, cognitive and narrative psychology to build powerful relationships with my clients.

I am also a workshop facilitator and a retreat leader, creating retreat days designed to take women out of the busyness of serving everyone else and envisioning what they truly want for themselves.

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Donna Nish September 8, 2010 at 3:01 am

Hi….This is an awesome website…..good going girl!….

You seem to have described me to a “T”……

I look forward to your newsletters!

….hugs Donna


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