Can you relate?

  • Is your brain ‘over-tired’ from ‘over-thinking’ and in need of decluttering?
  • Are you a busy mom who is multi-tasking, multi-minding, and wearing multiple hats?
  • Does your mind- chatter keep on telling you things throughout the day and doesn’t let go?
  • Do you keep worrying about what you should do next with your life?
  • Do you feel like you are ‘in a fog’ or ‘in a cloud’ and that your real self is not really showing up?

I work with women (and occasional men) who are not afraid of going deeper and diving into inner-work. They are wise, intuitive and self-reflective. They understand that working on themselves enhances their lives as well as everyone else’s around them. They are usually over giving to everyone else and know that it’s time to give back to themselves. They are nurturers and rescuers and are used to being “everything to everybody”, and recognize that in order to sustain that they need to nurture themselves.

My clients value the process of self-exploration because it:

  • Takes them out of ‘being locked-up in their head’ and gives them clarity
  • Moves them from a state of ‘searching- for- something- more’ and into self-awareness
  • Quiets mind-chatter and inner-confusion and cultivates a sense of inner-peace

They also value:

  • Getting out of their head and having someone else to think with (What I call ‘co-thinking’)
  • Overcoming overwhelm (with family, career, and health) and constructing a plan that moves them forward towards their life goals. (What I call ‘co-constructing’)
  • Stepping out of their shell and creating a working connection with someone that can help (what I call ‘co-llaboration’)

I love doing this life-changing work because I love seeing life stories begin to change.

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